Flash blend

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100mg mast e 100mg tren e 100mg test c


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6 reviews for Flash blend

  1. BallinBaller

    Has been working exactly as I had hoped. Seeing almost instant results.

  2. moose

    Perfect blend

  3. Rambo

    Best blend to shred up for the summer. Doesn’t take much either, 1/2cc to 1cc 3x a week works well!

  4. shawn89

    I’m on this stuff right now it’s really good it gets you strong and lean.

  5. Damage762

    Can’t find a better blend than this. Love the long esters as well.

  6. Firemike36 (verified owner)

    Really liked this product. Just used it for my prep for my last show. Nice to have the Tren and masteron in one product saves on total # of pins each week which is nice. Product works great. Really helps those last few weeks of prep. Also no inj site pain which for me is very common with both Tren and masteron. I don’t have that issue with the flash blend or his Tren or mast separately.

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