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25 reviews for FLASHTROPIN HGH 140 IU’S

  1. moose

    Quality product, staying lean and feeling great on 4iu a day

  2. Juiceman

    Awesome g h my girlfriend is doing one IU a day I’m doing two been on for about 6 months and the results for both of us are amazing super lean

  3. EleikoTech

    Both my lady friend and I use Flash’s HGH. She uses 2iu’s/day and I go between 2-4iu’s/day with noticeable results. Another excellent product from Flash. – Ranchhand

  4. zachsnlisaspack

    Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these.. the reviews look terrific..

  5. bigboomer5150

    Great product, starting to feel better already…excited to see what the following months will produce, great customer service as well very very impressed. Thanks again Flash

  6. bbxtreme

    Quality product and results!

  7. Oldjuicer45

    Top notch hgh.. 3ius a day and leaning out significantly… And recovery is incredible

  8. bigboomer5150

    2 months on so far, sleep is unreal….the moment I fall asleep I dont wake up until it’s time to get up to my Alarm for work, body fat especially stomach area has shown massive improvements. Over all well being is awesome I feel good. Another great product from Flash ??

  9. kidchicago

    I have been buying from flash for a few years, I live on his growth. His product is A++, I have had everything I take tested and always exactly what its supposed to be, its hard to find a real seller and this place is legit.

  10. Julia Schwartz

    When will the hgh be back in stock is there a tentative date?

    • FlashLabs

      it’s on the way my friend !

  11. Cam

    Hey Flashlabs thanks for your services & products – is the hgh still something you’ll have in stock soon?

    • FlashLabs

      yes, in 7 days

    • FlashLabs

      Anytime my friend

  12. azbb

    Excellent HGH! Any idea when it will be back in stock?

  13. bigboomer5150 (verified owner)

    4 months on so far great results overall well-being is just great, recovering quickly… and old minor injuries in shoulders seem to be slowly fading away w time. Another great FLASH product period.

  14. Joker1007

    Been running Flash’s gh and I couldn’t be more happy with the quality and results.👍🏻👍🏻

  15. AlldayEveryday

    Is the hgh still on the way?

    • FlashLabs

      in stock

  16. juggernaut

    Fast processing, and great HGH, always a pleasure with Flash.

  17. herrubermensch

    Received quickly with three great freebies (test cyp, test prop, and test e)! Took 2iu and bam, wow, THIS is full tilt HGH. I have done quite a bit of HGH secretagouges and know exactly what it’s like when HGH release, and THIS if powerful HGH. I immediately took a nap!

  18. Wolverine63

    Took some of this stuff and it is very good. I mean I’m comparing it to serostim that’s how good it is. Great price and I have been doing business with flashlabs since they started up. They will do you right all the time.

  19. Dre

    Great stuff when will it be back in stock?

  20. Dre

    when will it be back in stock?

  21. cadillacv

    This product as done me magic. Is it back in stock?

  22. Rageout

    Good hgh. Taking 4 ius and feel great. When will this be back in stock

    • FlashLabs

      2 weeks

  23. noor_koota

    Wheb the HGH be back

  24. will

    When you going to restock I wanna place a order

    • FlashLabs

      3-4 weeks


    Best HGH around! Just can’t seem to get on when its in stock. I will try back in May.

    • FlashLabs

      will have some in 3-4 weeks

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