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10 days

Active substance

Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate


300 mg / week

Amount in a package

1 bottle / 10 ml.

Substance concentration

100 mg / ml



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US Domestic

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The steroid is based on a powerful active ingredient – Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. Today the drug is used only in the sports field. Experienced athletes decide to buy Parabolan for mass cycles.

Properties and effects of Parabolan

Trenbolone is an improved version of Nandrolone. It differs from the original substance in higher anabolic and androgenic properties (400 and 200 percent, respectively), as well as in the complete absence of a tendency to aromatization. But the progestogenic activity was not eliminated. Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate is one of two prolonged-release esters of tren. Its half-life is about 8-9 days.

Among the positive properties of the anabolic are:

  • Extremely fast growth of quality muscle mass.
  • Strong fat burning properties.
  • Sexual attraction increases.
  • Regenerative processes are stimulated.

In addition, Trenbolone is able to dramatically accelerate the synthesis of insulin-like growth factor. Recall that it is with this hormonal substance that almost all the positive properties of somatotropin are associated. On average, on a course of Trenbolone, the rate of IGF-1 secretion doubles. It is quite obvious that Parabolan is a more expensive compound to produce. However, the effectiveness of the drug completely eliminates this disadvantage.

Given the high power of the steroid, the risks of developing negative effects are present. First of all, we are talking about progestogenic activity. To eliminate the risks of developing side effects of this type, Cabergoline should be introduced into the course. Since the drug does not aromatize, only an increase in the concentration of prolactin can become the cause of the appearance of estrogenic negative effects. It was noted above how this can be effectively dealt with. 

How to use Parabolan

The weekly dose of anabolic is from 150 to 300 milligrams. Bodybuilders at this time period should set a maximum of 200 mg. Most often, the Parabolan cycle lasts a maximum of two months. However, starting from the sixth week, you should include Gonadotropin in its composition . Since Trenbolone has a high impact on the body, the performance of the pituitary arch rapidly decreases. You will only need to use Clomid during the recovery period .

As for the combined use of tren, it is impossible to combine its reception only with Nandrolones. All other steroids can be safely used. A good mass-gaining cycle is Parabolan- Sustanon… Put both anabolic steroids twice a week. A one-time dose of Trenbolone is 100 milligrams, and Sustanon is 250 mg. To eliminate possible side effects, you should also use Anastrozole and Cabergoline .

Likewise, you can use all long-acting testosterone-containing AAS with tren. There are many other combinations aimed not only at gaining the maximum amount of muscle mass, but also at improving its quality.

Parabolan reviews

All Parabolan reviews, speak of the high effectiveness of the steroid. Athletes also say that it can only be used with sufficient experience. Parabolan is not a beginner drug.

6 reviews for PARABOLAN

  1. Bodybyrx

    I was running an old brand of parabolan ,I ran out and decided to give flash’s a go -I am still getting great results and it’s been 5 weeks since I’ve discontinued the old brand . No sides like Tren ace . So I’ll know it’s legit parabolan . My body responds horribly to ace and fantastic to parabolan . For anyone who can’t handle Tren ace , I highly recommend flash’s parabolan . Exact results from ace without the nasty side effect . Still can make you an mean prick though . FYI .

    • FlashLabs

      thank’s for the review brother!

  2. Mdrol

    By far the best compound I ever used… Even at minimal doses… Less sides and real deal Parabolan…. Not like a bunch of sponsors selling Para as tren e or who knows… Smooth and absolutely no pip which is amazing!!

  3. Rambo

    Best tren ester in my opinion. Gives the best of tren with the least sides for me.

  4. drewskii333

    Love it, I have ran all trens esters before and this by far works best for what i want, less injections, longer half life just one to two shots a week is all i need. I will be a loyal flash member for life

  5. RoosterNPC

    If you like tren results but not the sides, this is what you need to try. I love it!

    • FlashLabs

      Thanks for the kind words!

  6. Kaleo boy

    When will Parabolan be back in stock?
    Thank you

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