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3 reviews for PROVIRON

  1. EleikoTech

    I like using Flash’s Provi for when there is a need to control estrogen a little bit. I used to use AI’s more than I should have but I know better now. Plus, I like the SHBG control Provi provides allowing for the Test base to get used more efficiently. – Ranchhand

  2. RiverWarrior

    I just ordered more of the proviron. I like the effect it has in my physique. I look harder on it when I am using HRT dosages. Very noticeable!

  3. bigboomer5150 (verified owner)

    Best Proviron I’ve taken hands down…..Great feeling, really get that quality look and hardness, not too mention combined w test I’m getting full potential and more. And the stuff makes you a porn star lol

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