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7 reviews for SUSTANON

  1. dickstank

    Flash sustanon is among the best I’ve used, as good as the old organon preloads from Mexico. I love this stuff!

  2. EleikoTech

    Have used Flash’s Sust 250 with great success and with little to no PIP to speak of – Ranchhand

  3. cdubw44

    Just ran flash’s sustanon and pulled bloods on asf. Fantastic product enjoy my gains with sust and deca


    I alternate between 10 weeks of sustanon and then switch to Testosterone enanthate along with whatever else I decide to use along with it. I am one of those guys who gets blood work done. I posted my results on Professional Muscle. My levels were 1200 nanograms/deciliter from 1 cc of Flashgear Sustanon.

  5. Cronus1985

    Pulled up super easy with a 23g. Pinned just as easy with a 25g. Pinned yesterday and still zero pip.

  6. Firemike36

    I’m a big fan of Flash’s sustanon. Sustanon has always been one of my favorites since back in the day. Great strength gains, smooth pining, and I didn’t get as much water retention. Great product.

  7. sahkmyfahk

    Ahhh… goood old Sust250. I’m in my 3rd bottle of FLASH’S Sust and it’s my favorite, always has been. Such a smooth pin, zero PIP with this formula, it’s beautiful… Oh THE NEW LABELS ARE FUCKING SIIIIICK!!!!! Flash is go-to guy!

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