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  1. Mdrol

    Smooth as water as all Flash oils are…. No pip.. Ran this cyp as trt at 100mgs a week and total testosterone was 1025
    Pure fire!

  2. moose

    Bloodwork came back perfect running my HRT dose of test

  3. 3-OT

    Not only is this very smooth, flash’s test cyp is very accurately dosed. We all know it is important to not use underdosed gear, but in my opinion it is also important to not use severely overdosed test products. This product lines up accurately with doctor prescribed trt. Very impressed with this product and flash labs service from A-Z

  4. antonionhb

    No pain or soreness on the injection site whatsoever. Perfection as always. My HRT doc was late filling numerous prescriptions leaving me without product for weeks sometimes. With flash, I get my pack faster than my doc. And that’s on god. Flash is the truth. No latency.

  5. Juiceman

    Best testosterone on the market as far as I’m concerned that’s why I stayed with this lab for many many years and always had the best product and communication never been disappointed

  6. drewskii33

    Have tried a couple ugl and flash by far exceeds expectation smooth pin and no pip, test levels always elevated. Use this for running a cycle and also for cruising versatile in every way.

  7. EleikoTech

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said in the reviews, smooth as Silk, plus I prefer the 250mg/ml over your standard 200mg/ml – Ranchhand

  8. Rambo

    This is my favorite oil, have been using it for years now blasting and cruising. All my bloodwork has tested well on it with levels matching Pfizer for my TRT. Flash test is on point!

  9. 9TMARE

    This is extremely smooth! The hybrid MCT is something special. Draws up nicely and pins even better. Potency is high high high!

  10. flbedevil (verified owner)

    Flash’s Cyp is the only lab I’ll run SubQ for TRT or cruising. I fell in love with 31g’s 2-3 times a week with a prescription, but Flash is the only source I’ve found I can mxn with without PIP or bug bite skin irritation.

  11. FLsnakeman

    Crystal clear, zero pip, good price. Good test.

  12. maxrep24

    I’ve tried most of Flash’s oils and they were all great, great communication and fast shipping always.

  13. Retic

    Been using for TRT at 200 mg a week for 2 yrs test level is a consistent 1200 to 1300 and I’m in my 40s , no PIP our sourness at inj .site great 👍 product

  14. Anabisi

    Perfection in a bottle. This tool synchronized with Exercise will bring dramatic results that will bring out that lion inside of you. Dont hesitate this is the move to climb that ladder and begin evolving.

  15. BigRedHulk

    Ive been using Flash cyp for years and no complaints. Great stuff. Bloods don’t lie. I’m switching over to Enanthate for a bit. Hands down the smoothest injections I’ve ever had…no matter what Flash product it is.

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