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  1. pure

    Best tren I have ever done hands down, watch my body change and strength go through the roof when I run flash tren A. I’m always excited when it’s time to toss tren in the mix

  2. jw1128

    My favorite of Flash products best tren ace I’ve had. In awhile.

  3. drewskii33

    All I have to say is it works, ran tren ace from flash on a couple cycles and wow. Hits hard and works great aggression is up, gains through the roof, weights went up. This is a amazing product that gets the job done.

  4. EleikoTech

    Flash’s Tren Ace is another one of my favorites. Always great gains with that added fat loss thrown in, love it for this reason. My three most used products from Flash are his Tren Ace, Test Prop and Cialis, all excellent and on point. You can’t beat Flash’s high dosed Tren Ace, especially when he brews the Super Hero Tren, by far the most potent Tren I’ve ever used. – Ranchhand

  5. ejr12d

    This stuff is the real deal. Cutting and still putting on some muscle! Sweats are definitely there. And endurance in the gym is through the rough. Nothing like some potent tren

  6. neurorn

    This is my first run with Tren, and I’m loving it so far. Flash’s products have been nothing but the best.

  7. BigDigs234

    Can you say BA-BOOM! This stuff is ??. Never dissapoints and like someone else commented, when flash brews that SUPERTREN, you can fo get about it. This stuff makes me like a little jack rabbit and strong as an ox.

  8. WesleySwolle

    Ran the tren ace at 350mg pw and felt like a god! Strength, size, confidence and libido were all off the charts! Can’t say enough positive things about Flash tren ace and Flash in general ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  9. SV (verified owner)

    Good tren! Dosed right. Very slight pip some batches. Overall hits hard & fast. It’s tren!

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