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  1. dickstank

    This was my first run with tren enan. I usually stick to tren ace but didn’t want to inject that often. At 200mg per week I lost a ton of body fat. The transition was unreal! This is an extremely potent product!

  2. Juiceman

    Really awesome trend best and smoothest I’ve done that’s why I’ve been with this lab for 6 years and running and never been disappointed with any of their products and always been right on time

  3. EleikoTech

    Excellent product, super smooth and just as potent as Flash’s Tren Ace for those long runs. – Ranchhand

  4. zachsnlisaspack

    Extremely solid product…. This stuff is inconceivabley stronger then the competitions.. Hands down the best trenE I’ve taken to date

  5. Lathe Crasher

    Flash offered up some free gear for honest reviews. I received 2 Tren E vials very quickly. Product looks great, not overly oxidized and a clean presentation. It was well packed and padded. I’m currently running cyp and tren e so I skipped my normal pin day yesterday as I was waiting for this guy to land. I’ll run both vials at 1ml mon/thurs for a gram of test and 400 tren. First pin was just a moment ago. The carrier is a blend I’m not used to but it drew up well and pushed through a 25g quite fast. I hit my left delt and was relieved at how well it flowed, delt are sensitive lately… anyhow thanks Flash.

  6. kize777

    So I have been using flash tren now for 9 weeks. It’s by far the best I got my hands on. I have used Flash test E test P mast P deca and Hgh never once have I gotten anything that would make me question if it’s dosed right. It’s top of the line gear. No pain goes in smooth. Thanks Flash for always looking out for safety and putting out the best gear I’ve had.


    Flashgear Tren Enanthate is the best drug I have used. I immediately get comments in my physique when I use it. I get bigger, leaner and stronger. Seriously, I can eat pretty much whatever I want and I stay lean on tren Enanthate if it is real. I don’t have to worry about that with this company. All their products are real.

  8. Firemike36

    Very potent product. Doesn’t cause problems at the injection site like other Tren that I’ve used over the years, no bruising or severe soreness there. Not too mention getting super lean on it also.

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